Is Keto the best weight loss diet?

Keto, is it the answer to your weight loss prayers?

Weight loss diets are everywhere, Keto, Low Carb, High carb, Paleo, South Beach, Low Fat, Fasting and the list goes one. 

The question is though which is the best for weight loss? Let’s go through Keto and decide if it is the best diet for you. 


This is hot right now, so what is it and why do people choose it for weight loss. Keto is short for the Ketogenic Diet, this diet requires you to cut all carbs out, well your goal is to eat under 50grams per day. Some sites will say under 30grams, either way, this includes all your carbs, veggies, fruit and even your carbs in nuts.

The goal is to put the body into a state of ketosis and to use your fat as energy and ketones. 

An example of a Keto Pyramid

What people believe is that because you are burning fat predominantly for energy is that you will lose more fat when dieting. Others will also say you don’t need to watch what you eat and you can eat all the bacon and cheese you want.

Well, they are wrong, you will lose weight fast to start with mainly because you will lose water and your glycogen stores will be depleted. Despite what some say you will still need to be in a calorie deficit otherwise you won’t lose weight. 

Ketogenic Diets for weight loss Credit to the awesome @bccarpenter, check him out on Instagram


  • You can eat lots of higher fat foods like steak, lamb, cheese and more. 
  • You will see fast weight loss initially.
  • Easy enough to follow. 
  • Great for epilepsy and many other conditions.


  • Can become hard to follow when socialising.
  • You still have to be in a deficit.
  • Hard to come off when you decide you want carbs again. 
  •  You have to clever to get all your greens in, it is not as easy as just cutting out carbs.
So to conclude Keto will help you lose weight but like any diet there are pros and cons and you have to keep that in mind.
Next time we will be go through the Paleo diet, now this is a very basic breakdown of the Keto diet if you want to learn more check out some of the following resources below. 
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