Metabolic Resistance Training at Invigorate Gym Te Atatu

Resistance Training is KEY for weight loss and toning, MRT at Invigorate does just that!

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Metabolic Resistance Training is like cardio but with weights. 

We use different protocols to not only get your heart rate pumping but to we use weight that will help tone and build muscle. 

Gym work is well know for just cardio machines and weight but why not make the weight the cardio. 

At Invigorate we love this session, you get to hit every muscle in one 45 minute session and burn calories as well to help you create a calorie deficit needed for weight loss.  

During these session we use Kettlebells, Dumb Bells, Barbells, Strength Bags, Body Weight and everything in between. 

After a gym session like this you can expect to burn more calories post sessions not just during the session. You body will be hard recovering while you sit on the couch. All this burns extra calories. 

If you want to make the most our of your gym session this is the one for you. 

This is a Invigorate Auckland class and head coach Matt Norris designs each work out, he has over 15 years experience working in a gym as Personal Trainer and Gym Manager. 

MRT Session Invigorate Gym Te Atatu

As you have learnt Metabolic Resistance Training uses lots of modalities to create a a training session that you will remember. 

If you would like to try a session book your FREE strategy session below. We will go through your goals and help you with a setting a plan to use the most of our gym in Te Atatu.

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